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Welcome to my channel
I try to stream almost everyday. I'm currently playing The Division 2 , GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and Call of Duty Black Ops on PS3. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my content.

Twitter https://twitter.com/x_Korndawg_x

Support My Channel by Donating https://www.paypal.me/xKorndawgx
All donations will be used to improve this channel.

1. Be respectful to each other.
2. Be nice. I dont want no drama in my chat. We are here to have fun!
3. DO NOT advertise your channel here. We all want subscribers there is no reason to keep asking. Plus it is disrespectful to advertise in others streams. I WILL iNSTA BAN YOU
4. DO NOT spam me with playstation or xbox messages I WILL BLOCK YOU
5. DO NOT session join me I WILL DELETE YOU
6. DO NOT ask for a shout out
7. DO NOT ask for mod. you have to earn it
8. HAVE FUN! Isn't that the whole point.
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