Ali Magrebi - Aisha (Aisyah) | Official Music Video| علي مغربي - عائشة

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Official Music Video for Ali Magrebi's new song "Aisha" (Aisyah Istri Rasulullah), directed by Alişan Günay Yıldırım, and produced by Awakening Music.
أغنية علي مغربي الجديدة "عائشة (رضي الله عنها)"، إنتاج أويكننج ميوزك

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عائشة | Aisha Lyrics:
هي أمُّنا حبيبة الحبيب
She is our dear mother, the love of our beloved (pbuh)
منارةٌ في العلم شمسٌ لا تغيب
A beacon of knowledge, a sun that never sets
هي عائشة
She is Aisha
في القلب عائشة
In our hearts she lives on
حبيبة الحبيب
The love of our beloved
الكل من ضيائها استقى
We’re all guided by her light
وجه النبي عليها كم قد أشرقَ
How many times did the Prophet’s face illuminate hers
هي الرحيقْ
She is the sweet nectar
هي ابنة الصدّيق
Daughter of As-Siddiq (Abu Bakr)
لرسول الله صديق
He was the Messenger’s best friend
هي عائشة بقلوب المؤمنين
She lives on in the hearts of the believers
شهدت نزول الوحي والنور المبين
She witnessed the revelation of the Quran, the sublime guidance
العلم والتُقى، الطُهر والنقاء
She’s a model of knowledge, God-consciousness, purity and innocence
الطيّبة حِبُّ رسول الله
The kindest soul, the Messenger’s beloved wife
هي قدوةٌ لنساء العالمين
She’s a role model for all women
هي سيرة تروي حكاياها السنين
Her story is told through the ages

الصائمة القائمة
She was always fasting, always praying at night
بِكْرُ رسول الله
The Messenger’s beloved wife
الله أكرمها خُلقاً ودين
Allah has honoured her through her character and faith
أعلا مراتبها بخير المرسلين
And raised her rank by the Prophet’s love for her
هي زوج من ؟
Whose wife is she?
هي بنت من ؟
Whose daughter is she?
شرفاً حباها الله
Allah blessed her with such honour
Lyrics: Ahmed Al-Yafie
Melody: Razif
Arrangement: Mohamed Ben Atiya
Director: Alişan Günay Yıldırım

Awakening Music is a subsidiary of the UK-based Deventi Group that has operational offices in both United States of America (USA) and Egypt. Awakening Music currently represents: Ali Magrebi (Libya), Maher Zain (Sweden), Mesut Kurtis (Macedonia), Humood (Kuwait), and Raef (USA). (Previously Sami Yusuf, Harris J, & Hamza Namira among others).

©️ Awakening Music 2020, A Deventi Group Company
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