GTA SA Best Graphics Comparison : V Graphics VS Natural Graphic San Andreas (NGSA 1.4 Final)

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V Graphic VS NGSA 4.1 Final

V Graphic : This mod was done so that you could enjoy some graphics very similar to V
Update :
-new arrangements
-new effects
-new fix
-Very optimized versions
-poder to configure the mod to your liking
-compatible with multiplayer

NGSA 4.1 Final :
- New post processing for true and vibrant colors
- New post-effects
- New clouds
- Improved raindrops
- Better performance
- Natural and realistic lighting and sky
- Simple installation
- Configs for different tastes

Download V Graphic :
Download NGSA 4.1 :

Mod Use :


Retnik Beats - Bricc
download link :
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