GTA V NFS Koenigsegg Race 2019

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★The Koenigsegg Race was my very first reenactment I ever did on GTAV in 2014; Now I give you my final attempt! Toby, Pete and Dino race their Identical Entity XXR’s to see who will win who’s take from the sold Mustang!

Need For Speed (2014) is produced by DreamWorks Pictures, Reliance Entertainment, Bandito Brothers and Electronic Arts and all audio is owned and reserved to them!

Learn more about Koenigsegg

There are no sponsors on this video, just showing my support for what they've created!

Credit to mods used in this project:

Liberty City License Plates

GTA IV vehicles in GTA V

GreatnationHD - Toby
FLA2NC - Pete
Neur0t1cB0SS - Dino

Past Versions Available
2017 -
2014 -

“This project wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for all of you who asked for a new version with the new Entity XXR, I really hope you enjoyed this final version of the Koenigsegg Race, I’m truly honored” - Justin
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