Has MrBossFTW Ruined GTA 6 For A Lot Of People?

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MrBossFTW GTA 6 videos about the GTA 6 release date/trailer/gameplay/leaks etc. might have had a negative effect on people in this "Mr BossFTW GTA VI" video (GTA 5 background gameplay): Has MrBossFTW Ruined GTA 6 For A Lot Of People?

This video about MrBossFTW clickbait tells you about how MrBossFTW makes videos about the GTA 6 trailer, release date, screenshots, gameplay, leaks and possible info from Rockstar Games (he will make a video about anything whether it's valid info or not). I talk about this with some GTA 5 gameplay in the background, I was doing the first few missions in GTA V. Hopefully we do see the GTA 6 official trailer soon from Rockstar, currently we don't know the GTA 6 map, we haven't seen any GTA 6 gameplay but hopefully we do see some GTA VI gameplay soon or even just the GTA VI release date or a teaser. Even though we don't know this stuff, we still get plenty of MrBossFTW clickbait videos. I also addressed my own video in this video since MrBossFTW was mentioned a lot and I felt like I had to address this, it seems like what MrBossFTW has done has affected other channels who want to talk about GTA VI.

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