How to ENJOY EVery Golf Course you play - Stress Free Conservative golf is best

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I played this round in 2018. It was part of a 9 day golfing spree where we played 9 courses in 9 days.

The thing i really learned from these rounds was to hit the most stress free shot at all times. I mean, I could have saved tons of strokes just NOT hitting the stressful shot.

hit those stressful shots on your solo practice rounds and get over the fear. During a round you're scoring on and want to do well, just hit the stress free shot at that moment

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If you play conservative golf, and often playing for the par or bogey based on your handicap level, or opportunities that arise, then you will like every NEW golf course you play. If I ever get to play Pebble beach, you can bet your last red cent I will be playing conservative golf.

I want to walk away from it with my head held high. If I put up an 82 at Pebble, I will feel great and to score that for me, is very easy if I play conservative golf. If I don't, then the score can really balloon on a new course where you don't know antyhign and are not comfortable yet.

This is the Way of the Playa and don't do what i did on the par 5 where I hit 2 OB even though i ddin't want to hit that shot. I walked that hole without playing it and I haven't been back to this course to try again. It's a great course and now I have a memory of that par 5 being unfinished.

That on keeping on and don't get down. Just keep jamming

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