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Hello and welcome to The GTA V Tourist series! :)

I hope you'll enjoy the tour! :)

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Script Hook V + Native Trainer :
Open All Interiors:
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No Water Mod:
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*A full list of authors is available at the Grand Theft Wiki website


1.) The Vineyard - Peace Reels
2.) Pebble Beach - Peace Reels
3.) Maison - Lucention
4.) Photo Archive - Trailer Worx
5.) In The Lounge - Tiki Tiki
6.) Genius Woman - Table Etiquette
7.) Lucy's Game - Senchi
8.) Evenings With You - Riverworn
9.) What You Don't Know - Riverworn
10.) Just One More Night With You - Thiago

All soundtracks above provided by Epidemic Sound

Outro 1: Claudio the Worm by The Green Orbs (the Tama-chan song :3)
Outro 2: Sthlm Sunset by Ehrling ()

For more music by Ehrling:
Grand theft auto v обзор

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