Opie and Anthony: "You guys want to play black or white?" 9/24/2008

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Anthony admits that he already plays that game. Patrice O'Neal is present. This is going to be fun.

Audio. Patrice thinks white, but he has doubts. Caller reveals that it was a Latino chick.

Next one. "Absolutely white!"

Next. Questions about what kind of rope. "Cool story." Audio. White.

Racist Obama fliers. Opie reads more titles. Mostly white.

Audio of pony tail thief.

"It grows back, dummy!"

Instant Feedback is great. "What's wrong with the hair we got!"

Anthony has theories. "White man in his 40's."

Porn in car. They think black, but nope. "Eye popping pornography." They wonder what that is.

"So white it's not even funny."

Audio. Promos.

"I judge people individually."
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